Custom service
Professionally engaged in the operation (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Russia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil and other countries) to import high-quality beef, lamb, chicken, pork and other frozen meat products and other types of professional products Our company is a comprehensive modern production enterprise with beef, lamb, pork and chicken products as the leading company, collective processing, sales and service.
Committed to ensuring the consistency and safety of all the company's products by controlling the entire supply chain from breeding to slaughter. All of our products come from countries around the world to ensure natural breeding and humane care. All we do is to ensure the traceability of products and the stable quality of products.
All of the company's purchases (beef, lamb, chicken, pork) are grown in a natural pasture environment without stress. The company says "no" to the rapid growth method. The company's meat products do not add any growth hormone at all, do not use any antibiotics, and the selected poultry grow completely in accordance with natural laws. All this is done by the company is to allow you to have safe and secure meat products while having a pleasant and happy food experience.
100% natural, no pollution! Authentic customs declaration, complete documents: strictly control production and procurement checkpoints, have self-support import rights, have their own customs declaration system, and import beef, lamb, chicken, pork and other poultry products through formal customs procedures. The prices of the products are reasonable and the varieties are diverse and stable: all the supplied slaughterhouses are checked throughout the process. The imported meats that we operate are of complete varieties, quality assurance and reasonable prices, which have won the trust of our customers. Stable and perfect sales and after-sales system: A stable marketing platform has been established in various provinces and cities nationwide to provide customers with intimate services from production, transportation to after-sales. You are welcome to join our team and look forward to more deep cooperation.
100%纯天然,无污染!正品报关,文件齐全:严格把控生产及采购关卡,拥有自营进口权,拥有自己的报关文件系统,通过正规的海关手续进口牛肉,羊肉、鸡肉、猪肉等禽类产品。 产品价格合理,品种多样稳定:所有供货的屠宰场进行全程把关,所经营的进口肉类,品种齐全、质量保证、价格合理,赢得了广大客户的信任。 稳定完善的销售和售后体系: 在全国各个省市建立了稳定的营销平台,为顾客提供从生产、运输到售后的贴心服务,欢迎您加入我们的团队,期待更多深层的合作。