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Crocus (scientific name: Crocus sativusL.), Also known as saffron and saffron, is a perennial flower of the genus Crocus of the iris family and a common spice. Crocus is a native species of southwest Asia, first cultivated by the Greeks. Mainly distributed in Europe, the Mediterranean and Central Asia and other places, it was introduced to China during the Ming Dynasty. "Compendium of Materia Medica" listed it as a kind of medicine. It is a precious Chinese medicinal material with strong physiological activity. Its stigma is in Asia and Europe. As medicinal, it has sedative, expectorant and antispasmodic effects, and is used for the treatment of stomach diseases, menstruation, measles, fever, yellow gallbladder, liver and splenomegaly. Crocus is a perennial herbaceous plant. The bulb is oblate and spherical with a diameter of about 3 cm. It is covered with a yellow-brown membrane. Ye Jisheng, 9-15 pieces, strip-shaped, gray-green, edge rewind; the base of the leaf clump is covered with 4-5 membranous sheath-like leaves. The flower stems are very short and do not stick out of the ground; the flowers are 1-2, light blue, red purple or white, scented, style orange-red, stigmas slightly flat, wedge-shaped at the top, light teeth, narrow ovary spindle-shaped. Capsule is oval, about 3 cm long.
番红花(学名:Crocus sativusL.)又称藏红花、西红花,是一种鸢尾科番红花属的多年生花卉,也是一种常见的香料。番红花亚洲西南部原生种,最早由希腊人人工栽培。主要分布在欧洲、地中海及中亚等地,明朝时传入中国,《本草纲目》将它列入药物之类是一种名贵的中药材,具有强大的生理活性,其柱头在亚洲和欧洲作为药用,有镇静、祛痰、解 痉作用,用于胃病、调经、麻疹、发热、黄胆、肝脾肿大等的治疗。番红花为多年生草本植物,球茎扁圆球形,直径约3厘米,外有黄褐色的膜质包被。叶基生,9-15枚,条形,灰绿色,边缘反卷;叶丛基部包有4-5片膜质的鞘状叶。花茎甚短,不伸出地面;花1-2朵,淡蓝色、红紫色或白色,有香味,花柱橙红色,柱头略扁,顶端楔形,有浅齿,子房狭纺锤形。蒴果椭圆形,长约3厘米。
Iran is one of the first countries where saffron appeared. Due to natural selection, the plants and animals in the world appear in the areas most suitable for their growth, so the saffron in Iran is the best saffron in the world. At the same time, Iran is also the world's largest producer of saffron, with an output of about 200 to 300 tons, accounting for 70% to 80% of the world's total output. Iranians have a long history of using saffron. The unique process used to process saffron has been circulating for thousands of years. Basically, it is manually operated. Therefore, Iranian saffron is very pure and natural. Iranian saffron is mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions.
伊朗是藏红花最早出现的国家之一。由于自然选择的原因,世界上的动植物都最 早出现在最适宜其生长的地区,所以伊朗的藏红花是世界上最好的藏红花。同时,伊朗也是世界上最大的藏红花生产国,产量约为200~300吨,占全球总产量的70%~80%。伊朗人使用藏红花的历史悠久,其加工藏红花所使用的独特工艺已流传千年,基本上采用人工操作,因此伊朗的藏红花十分纯净和自然,最大限度地保存了藏红花的颜色与芳香。伊朗藏红花主要出口欧,美,日,韩等发达国家和地区。
The competition of domestic confectionery companies mainly stays on the price level, and the development of new areas is obviously insufficient compared with foreign investment. The homogenization of products has seriously hampered the competition between domestic confectionery companies and foreign brands, making their profits far less than foreign brands. The main battlefield of domestic brands has also been forced to sink to the second and third tier markets.
The ranks of Iranian saffron from high to low are top grade, super grade, first grade and second grade. The main difference lies in the saffron stamens stoutness, picking parts, stamen length, integrity, dryness and wetness, toughness, freshness, fragmentation, and mixed color.
The super saffron is a full-red filigree without yellow roots, which belongs to the top grade, but it is slightly shorter and slightly broken than the top grade, because the high cost performance has become the best-selling grade in the Iranian market, and the price is below the top grade.
特级藏红花(Super Saffron)特级藏红花是全红的花丝无黄根,属于中上等品,但是比极品稍短稍碎,因为极高的性价比成为伊朗市场上最畅销的等级,价格位居极品之下。
The yellow root of the first-grade saffron accounts for 1/3, which belongs to the lower and middle quality. Because the yellow root has no medicinal effect, the medicinal effect of the first-grade saffron is much lower than that of the top grade and the special grade, and the price is lower.
一级藏红花(First-grade saffron)一级藏红花的黄根占到1/3,属于中下等品质,由于黄根无药效,所以一级藏红花的药效比极品和特级低很多,价格较低。
The yellow root of the second grade saffron accounts for 2/3 of the filament, which is of inferior quality. Among the four grades of saffron, the medicinal effect is the worst and the price is the lowest. Generally, few people buy it for their own use, and the pharmaceutical factory uses more.
二级藏红花(Second grade saffron)二级藏红花的黄根占到花丝的2/3,属于下等品质,在藏红花的四个等级中药效最差,价格最低,一般很少有人买来自用,药厂用的较多。