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The simplest product form of biscuits (Biscuit) is purely mixed with flour and water. It was found in ancient tombs in ancient Egypt around BC 4000.
Imported Biscuits
The truly shaped biscuits are traced back to the Persian in the seventh century, when sugar technology was just developed and widely used because of biscuits. Until the tenth century AD, as Muslims conquered Spain, biscuits spread to Europe and have since spread among Christian countries. By the 14th century AD, biscuits had become the favorite snack of all Europeans. From the royal kitchen to the streets where civilians lived, the scent of biscuits was permeating. The modern biscuit industry was started in the 19th century by the United Kingdom due to the development of nautical technology in the world. In the long-term navigation, bread contains high moisture (35% -40%) and is not suitable for storing grain, so Invented a kind of bread with very low moisture content-biscuits.
Crispy biscuits: take wheat flour, sugar and fat as the main raw materials, add loosening agent and other auxiliary materials, and the shape produced by cold powder process powder adjustment, rolling, roller printing or punching and baking is mostly convex flower, cross-sectional structure Baked food with a porous texture and a loose texture. Such as butter cookies, onion cookies, sesame cookies, meringue cookies.
Toughness biscuits: take wheat flour, sugar and fat as the main raw materials, add loosening agent, modifier and other auxiliary materials, and the graphics produced by hot powder process powder adjustment, rolling, rolling or printing, baking are mostly concave flowers, appearance Smooth, smooth surface, with pinholes, layered cross-section, crispy baked goods. Such as milk cake, vanilla cake, egg cake, marie cake, Boston cake.
Fermented (soda) cake: wheat flour, sugar, fat as the main raw material, yeast as the loosening agent, adding various auxiliary materials, made by fermentation, powder adjustment, rolling, lamination, baking, crispy Scented baked goods. Fermented cake, also known as chocolate rack, is divided into salty fermented cake and sweet fermented cake according to its formula.
Crispbread with wheat flour, sugar and fat as the main raw materials, add condiments and other accessories.
Cookies: Made with wheat flour, sugar, dairy products as the main raw materials, adding bulking agent and other auxiliary materials, and forming the dough by one of the methods of extrusion, extrusion, wire cutting and other methods, and baking Crispy baked food with three-dimensional pattern or regular ripple on the surface and high fat content.
Sandwich biscuits: Sandwich baked goods with various sandwich materials with sugar, fat or jam as the main raw material between two biscuits
Wafer biscuits: Crispy baked food made from wheat flour (glutinous rice flour) and starch as the main raw materials, emulsifiers, loosening agents and other auxiliary materials are added to adjust powder, pouring and baking. Also known as waffle.
Egg-shaped biscuits: wheat flour, sugar, eggs as the main raw materials, adding loosening agent, flavor and other accessories, whipped, syrup, pouring, baking and made of crispy baked food, commonly known as egg-based cookies.
Sticky flower biscuits: take wheat flour, sugar, oil and fat as the main raw materials, add dairy products, egg products, loosening agent, spices and other auxiliary materials through the dough, forming, baking, cooling, surface decoration sticky sugar flower, dry loose Baked goods.
Blister biscuits: Loose baked food made of wheat flour, sugar and eggs as the main raw materials, adding leavening agent, adjusted powder, repeated rolling, forming, boiling water blanching, cold water soaking, baking.