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Georgia is the birthplace of wine in the world. According to the archaeological study of 10 grape seeds unearthed in Georgia in 1965, the former Soviet Union found that this is the vitis vinifera sativa DC grape cultivated artificially 7000-8000 years ago. It is the oldest in human history. Variety! This proves that Georgia is the origin of world wine. For Georgians, wine is like tea and Chinese, and it is inseparable in the ancient history of development. In today's world, the country's home-brewed wine is only Georgian, and the rich and colorful wine culture has a long history. The people of the former Soviet Union recognized that Georgian wine is the best and purest wine in the world, not French red wine.
格鲁吉亚是世界葡萄酒的发源地,1965年据前苏联对格鲁吉亚出土的10粒葡萄籽考古研究发现:这是距今7000-8000年前人工栽培的vitis vinifera sativa D.C品种葡萄,是人类历史上最古老的品种!由此证明格鲁吉亚是世界葡萄酒的起源。葡萄酒对于格鲁吉亚人就像茶与中国人一样,在古老的发展史中难解难分 。在现今的世界,举国家家自酿葡萄酒只有格鲁吉亚人,深厚多彩的酒文化源远流长。原苏联国家民众公认格鲁吉亚葡萄酒是世界最好的、最纯的酒,而不是法国红酒。
Georgia is the most different example in the former Soviet Union. It has been discovered that the remaining grape seeds of ancient winemaking are enough to prove that the country has at least 5,000 years of winemaking history, even prehistoric artifacts unearthed, and it also shows that they have understood the importance of pruning. Their long and long history has given them plenty of time to develop at least 500 different grape varieties, and even most of them are still brewed using traditional ancient methods.
Georgia has three historic wine regions. The first is Kakheti, which has the driest climate and can reach the Caucasus mountains on the eastern edge. Two thirds of the country's grapes are grown in this region. Next is the Kartli area, where clay pots are rarely used, and it is located on a gentle plot not far from the capital Tblisi; finally, the Imereti production area in the west has a humid climate.
Brandy is a kind of high-quality famous wine made by distillation of wine, which is loved by people, and its alcohol content is about 40% to 50%. According to legend, European brandy was first brought by the Crusaders in the 13th century. By the middle of the 17th century, there was already a supply and trade of brandy in European hotels and markets. At that time, Europeans generally believed that it was a kind of medicinal wine that can effectively treat illness, and doctors also believed that this delicious alcoholic beverage can detoxify and degrease. In the brandy national standard GB11856-1997, brandy is divided into four grades, special grade (X.O), excellent grade (V.S.O.P), first grade (V.O) and second grade (Samsung and V.S).