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Juice (pulp) and juice beverages (products). It is defined as a product made by processing fresh or chilled fruits as raw materials. Juice (pulp) and juice beverages (products) can also be subdivided into 9 types of juice, fruit pulp, concentrated fruit pulp, pulp beverage, fruit juice drink, fruit juice drink, fruit beverage thick pulp, fruit drink, etc., most of which are Using the beating process, the fruit or edible part of the fruit is processed into an unfermented but fermentable slurry or the concentrated fruit pulp is added with the same amount of water as the natural moisture lost during concentration, and the raw fruit pulp is made Products with color, flavor and soluble solid content
People drink juice mostly because they feel nutritious and delicious. Many people think that fruit juice can replace fruit. Drinking fruit juice can supplement the nutrients (such as vitamin C) in the fruit. Especially, children who do not like fruit should drink more, or even completely replace drinking water.