Custom service
The company has an efficient team which has rich experience in the retail market. With the "Belt and Road" strategy, it closely follows the development plans of the nation. Adhere to the corporate goal of discovering the health and delicious food on the "Belt and Road" region; New Silk Road International takes "environment-friendly, healthy, high-quality" as our main concept, and is committed to providing healthy and delicious food for all Chinese people. We will bring everyone a different tongue-tip experience.
About Us
Shenzhen New Silk Road International Trade Import and Export Co., Ltd. is an international trade import and export company specializing in high-quality original imported products from all around the world. New Silk Road is a brand that means environment-friendly, healthy and high quality. Mainly engaged in snack foods, chocolate, edible oil, biscuits, nuts, fruit juices, alcohol, candy, meat, top-class honey, Dietary Supplements, Baby Products ,Special saffron and other fast-moving products.
Our Brand
New Silk Road International specializes in companies that import original, environment-friendly, healthy and high-quality products from all over the world. Since its establishment, our brand has responded to the national development strategy of national economic and trade integration, stood on the facilitation of creating an economic belt of the Silk Road trade industry, and aimed at discovering, testing, and promoting healthy and delicious food along the "Belt and Road" region. The elements of quality are integrated into our concept to create China's best international trade import and export brand.
新丝路国际专业经营来自世界各地绿色、健康、高品质原装进口产品的企业。品牌自成立以来,响应国家经贸融入的国家发展战略,站在打造丝绸之路贸易产业经济带的便利化,以发现、检验、 推广一带一路上的健康美味为企业目标,将绿色、健康、高品质的元素融入自主品牌,创造中国最优秀的国际贸易进出口品牌。
Our Culture
The New Silk Road International brand advocates a "return to nature and enjoy nature" concept of life, bringing environment-friendly food from all over the world to every corner of the city, and forming a fashion of environment-friendly.  
Our Concept
New Silk Road International provides you with the most natural, delicious, and high-quality food/health products to create a healthier, fresher, and more fashionable life experience for you.
Brand Positioning
New Silk Road International cooperates with more than 2,000 food manufacturers and more than 3,000 food brands in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America, etc.. One-stop overseas procurement, direct supply from the origin, price concessions, and excellent logistics experience. New Silk Road International is committed to serving all Chinese consumers, covering all levels of consumer groups. High-asset people can enjoy noble high-end red wine, and ordinary people can also buy their favorite snack foods.
Large-scale Procurement & Overseas Direct Procurement
规模采购  、海外直采
New Silk Road International carefully selects partners, and each imported product has corresponding information such as origin, entry, and efficacy, and is committed to providing high-quality, well-intended imported leisure food for consumers at different levels. Import food, buy it at one stop! Excellent quality, benefit the people.
Every imported food of our company is subject to entry-exit inspection and quarantine, and has a health inspection report certificate reviewed by an authoritative department. Each procurement batch has a customs approval, 100% traceable source of goods, and 100% genuine safety guarantee!
Better Quality & Better Experience
品质更安全  、消费更放心
Based on the vision of " environment-friendly, healthy and high quality", our company advocates the concept of environment-friendly and healthy life. We have carefully selected overseas high-quality food producers and reached strategic cooperation with hundreds of well-known brands in more than 20 countries around the world Major brands from different countries choose selected overseas high-quality goods to enter the Chinese market.
Food Safety Assurance
Each of our products conforms to "international safety standards" and is a model brand for the implementation of security. It is the first domestic company to pass all the "hard indicators" inspections in the industry. All can be found in the health inspection report, 100% traceable commodity source, 100% genuine guarantee.
We are supported by consumers with the advantages of "many products, fast service, good experience, and low consumption". In the future, we will fully optimize the brand structure then explore domestic and international markets.